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Overlooking Lisbon, I spent a month living in Barreiro, Portugal in residence at PADA. In a ghostlike town I spent my time  living and working in the factory quarters of Barreiro. During this time, I walked along the river daily as  a break from the industrial quarters and would find myself watching the sky change and the stacked city of Lisbon reflected across the waters. There was a dreamlike feel during this time of day, that time would feel almost romantic. 


Reflections I & Reflections II are painted with the intentions of the viewer being able to glimpse a moment in time that might be a memory or touch of the sky while looking down. Using acrylic, I wanted to add layers that showed depth but maintained a flat surface, still keeping that soft tone of romanticism and dreamlike shapes. In the drawing works I use mix media, charcoal, watercolor, soft pastel on handmade paper. The drawings are fluid with architectural lines breaking up the water elements with the harsh lines using charcoal to hint to the industrial side. The works together explore these different elements, evoking the viewer to feel their own nostalgia and dreams upon them. 


“ The ferry rides she embarked on sparked new thoughts on landscapes and the subconscious, on bodies of water and blur – reflections performed through her layering technique. Her acrylic on canvases became windows on moving landscapes, presented in their purest state, as color fields melting seas, skies, walls and hills.” - Manon Klein


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