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L.A. River

Soft pastel, charcoal and watercolor on cotton paper ​| 2020

Plaster, Acrylic on Canvas ​| 2020

Elements of nature, weather, journey, and time influenced Sara Marlowe Hall’s L.A. River series. After moving to a home in Atwater Village, the multimedia artist began commuting to her studio by way of the Los Angeles River. During long walks and bike rides along the water, Hall appreciated the palette and tactility of the changing weather, skies, and seasons. Inspired to translate these journeys into an abstract body of work, she created a series of plaster paintings and watercolor drawings. The layered, textural paintings of acrylic and plaster are colorful yet beautifully muted. Hall takes a more saturated approach with the watercolors, which are rich in hue and intimate in scale.

Available via Tappan Collective

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