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Opening Reception 6-9pm Saturday Jan 21,2023

January 21st - February 5th 2023


Two Weeks is an exhibition of Two Artists coming together that have two studios connected to Keystone Gallery that are exhibiting in one space. The exhibition explores two different collections by both Hall & Hentz dividing the gallery in half taking the viewer into another world. Together Hall & Hentz have created a beautiful show exploring new mediums, and pushing themselves in new directions exploring works on paper, collage and 3 dimensional work. In only two weeks, Hall explores a series of drawings from her residency up north at Salmon Creek Farm and Hentz created a series of artworks here in Los Angeles in his studio at Keystone. Although made separately, the show invites the viewer to experience the work in one space side by side in the gallery creating a conversation between the two Artists.

Sara Marlowe Hall is a British Artist based in Los Angeles. Hall spent 2 weeks on a residency in Salmon Creek Farm in Northern California early November 2022 where she limited herself to only working on paper. The drawings began by an everyday ritual of sitting at her desk surrounded by giant redwoods and paneled windows drawing everyday. Stepping into another world, she gave herself the challenge of making a show of only exhibiting what she made in this duration of time. The drawings explore shapes and colors reminiscent of the trees, sounds, bridges and pigments that surrounded her. Hall made over 100 drawings, working on torn paper, pastels, oil bar and charcoal. The select drawings exhibited are pieced together in grid like shape forms referencing the window formations that surrounded her in ‘ Dawn Cabin’ on the Farm. The show transports you on a journey that takes the viewer on walks through the giant redwoods, crossing bridges to the rough waters of the pacific and a moment of calm and peace that grounds you back at the farm.

Michael Hentz is a mixed media Artist based in Los Angeles. The works in Two Weeks were created within his first 2 weeks in the Keystone Art Space where he currently has a studio. Hentz's show revolves around voids, male & female archetypes, loss, and the delicate sensibilities of the color pink. Satin flags titled ‘The Lovers’ hang on either side of the gallery space, symbolizing the distance between two souls, who share a common counterpart with the color pink. The flags floating reference the sensual body, craving for them to be together by the longing and comfortableness of being in a space together. Alongside the flags hang a selection of collages titled ‘Void Studies’. These collages approach new themes and mediums that is new territory for the Artist. Using found imagery and left behind cut outs from the floor the ‘Void Studies’ show the beauty in the remains of a missing piece that are profound and beautiful as they are. When amongst this collection of work, standing in the center surrounded by these moving flags and framed artworks, there is a feeling of tenderness and vulnerability that is shared between the art and the viewer.

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