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Underneath There is Color

Keystone Gallery is excited to present Sara Marlowe Hall’s first solo show in Los Angeles. ‘Underneath There Is Color’ opens to the public February 26th and is on view in the gallery through March 13th 2022

Los Angeles based painter Sara Marlowe Hall’s first solo show in her hometown features a series of plaster paintings that transport us through memories of landscapes from travels in Europe, from Menorca to England and returning to California. Her work embodies that feeling that starts with color, one that brings us back to places we’ve been and ones we dream of. Luminous shades of white clouds moving through a bright azure sky, the body in motion on countryside roads winding through chartreuse and tender greens, eyes flooded with the heat and color of summer, ochres and siennas. One can feel that movement through space as their gaze follows one line of plaster to the next, feeling Sara’s hand and body moving and stretching the materials to create layers of memories. The large scale paintings invite us to walk into Sara’s world, to immerse ourselves in her memories and to reconnect with our own. The smaller pieces are tender color studies, forming a collection of fragments of these larger landscapes. Hall achieves lightness with heavy materials, grounding us all the while giving us license to travel to other places through the portal of her paintings.


-Anaïs Wade

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