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Lost Summer  is a collection of mixed media paintings inspired by the long summer days in California in 2021. The paintings made for this exhibition were made using mixed media material including plaster, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and charcoal on canvas and cotton paper. The abstract acrylic paintings on canvas reflect the long walks through parks and keeping cool by the sea. Fluid shapes and dark cool blocks, frame the painting taking you into another atmosphere of Sara’s work. Known for her plaster work, Sara lays textured cloth and plaster with acrylic revealing small fragments of different colors underneath. The paintings are tender and seen as sculptures, making the viewer dive deep into the work looking for that first layer. The small works on paper are seen as studies, unique and elegant. The paper works are fragile and share abstract landscapes through the artist's eyes. Sara Marlowe Hall intended for this work to launch in 2021, but lost at sea, these paintings have now been found and is delighted to exhibit them with the Single Person Gallery in Shanghai exactly two years later. This will be the first time her work is exhibited in Shanghai and she is delighted that Lost Summer  is now found. 



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