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Nature Studies  |  Sara Marlowe Hall

Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures from Northern California 

June 30th - August 12

Email for appointment

PALLAS is pleased to present Nature Studies, a series of drawings, paintings, and sculptures by Sara Marlowe Hall for her debut solo show in San Francisco. These studies of fallen leaves, forest debris, trees, mushrooms, sky, dried flowers, bridges, and driftwood are from time the artist spent in Northern California last Fall. 


Hall is a British Artist based in Los Angeles. Her abstract work is inspired by landscapes around the world. Every day while at Salmon Creek Farm, she drew from her desk, watching through the paneled windows as the light moved through the redwoods, and walked the varied landscapes of the coastline. Back in her studio, Sara expanded 5 drawings into large scale mixed media paintings that carry on the continuous process of study of forms in nature.  


The drawings are made on cotton torn paper using pastels, watercolor and charcoal. Their wooden frames take the viewer into the perspective of the artist looking out the cabin window. In addition to the drawings and paintings, Sara made sculptures from the materials she collected and archived, elements of the land where the work is based. She wanted these pieces to return to Northern California, and is delighted they will be exhibited at PALLAS.

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